Desert Sage Agility, dog training, Central Oregon
Dog training, Central Oregon, working with Ex
Stephanie Morris, dog training, Central Oregon
Desert Sage Agility is Central Oregon's leading dog training facility.  Our
cutting-edge approach to dog training develops both well behaved
companion pets as well as world champion agility dogs.

Desert Sage Agility, located in Bend Oregon, is dedicated to a POSITIVE
REINFORCEMENT ONLY training philosophy without physical or verbal
corrections.  Our goal is to demystify dog training, teaching owners how to
bring out the best in their dogs, and create positive behaviors.  By using
positive reinforcement and critical thinking we can help you come up with
training solutions to various individual problems.  The results are dogs that
are focused, exhibiting drive and joy in their work, be that at home or on the
agility field.  Our positive only program ensures that owners of all dogs and
all breeds achieve their personal goals.

At Desert Sage Agility,  you will find classes in agility, beginning to masters,
as well as obedience, rally-obedience, and  puppy classes.  We also offer
private lessons.  We invite you to meet our instructors: Annette Howell,
Stephanie Morris, Beth Dollar,  Julia Holbert,  Kristen Torkleson and check
out our information on classes.  
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