Rules at Desert Sage Agility  

Please drive slowly on the driveway.  Keep your dust down and watch out for children.
All dogs must be on a leash from the time they leave your car until the time they return
to your car.  They must be crated, tied or in your hand except for when it is your turn to
work them.  No loose dogs in the parking or potty area.

                                           POTTY INFO
Please use the cleared path above the larger arena to potty your dogs.  This area is
cheat grass free in the summer.  Please use our scooper by the gate or your own
baggies to clean up.   Potty your dog before you enter an arena.  There is a $5 fine for
each accident that occurs inside the indoor arena.  It is up to you to have your dog taken
care of before class or even during class!  If your dog marks a piece of equipment we will
have you clean it to prevent other dogs from marking over their scent.

                              ENTERING RINGS OR ARENA
Do not congregate at the gates or entries.  Move away from entries with your dogs so
that others coming in are not moving into a crowd with their dog.  All dogs need space
when arriving. This is for the safety of your dogs.

                            WHO YOUR DOG PLAYS WITH
Your dogs only play fellow on the training field is you.  A brief (2 or 3 seconds) meet and
greet away from the gates is alright if both parties agree and your instructor is watching.  
NO FUN UNLESS IT IS WITH YOU here at Desert Sage.

                                            NO MARKING  
Keep an eye on him.  If he continues to make he will not be allowed on the field without a
diaper on.

                                       AGILITY EQUIPMENT
Your dog is not to interact with (jump over, climb on or go through) any  training
equipment before they have been formally introduced to it in their class and are safe.  
Do not encourage them or allow them to volunteer.  Be watchful.

                                              NO BARKING
We need to be respectful of our neighbors.  Excessive barking isn't allowed and could be
reason to crate or dismiss your dog.  If you have barking issues let us know and we will
work on some solutions.

                                           IT'S CLASS TIME

Please arrive a few minutes early and potty your dog, greet your human classmates and
warm up your dog.  Be ready for your turn with your dog on the line and ready with your
rewards (Yummy treats or toy)  Please help with jump height changes quickly.  The
faster this is done the more training time for you and your dog!

                                    POSITIVE TRAINING ONLY
Your dog is to feel appreciated for his efforts to do what you are asking of him (unless
he is marking equipment) even if it isn't what you set out to do.  When working in agility,
your dog is right 99.9% of the time.  It is best to assume that if things don't go right it is
your responsibility.  No saying AGGG, yuck no, sagging shoulders, clenching of the
teeth, sharpening the tone of your voice or abandoning your dog physically or
emotionally because you are unhappy with your joint performance.  We will help you
analyze and determine why it happened. Have fun with your dog!!!