Jan Gould can't remember a time when she didn't love dogs.   Six
years ago, she enrolled in her first agility class, here at Desert Sage,
and quickly became addicted to the game.  At about the same time,
she began learning  about positive reinforcement training and was
amazed at how quickly the dogs responded to this method of training.  

Becoming a dog 4-H leader gave Jan a chance to experiment with
different learning styles and dogs of various skill levels.  "I love helping
people with their dogs!  Watching people learn to interact with their
dogs and helping this relationship grow is so exciting."

Jan shows in conformation and has competed in her breed club’s  Most
Versatile Aussie Competitions which requires qualifying scores in  
herding, rally-obedience, agility and conformation.  

Currently, Jan is training her 3 Aussies , Hunt, Sparrow and Drift, here
at Desert Sage.    She credits agility with enriching her relationship with
her dogs and helping them to be better companions and teammates,
both on and off the course.  

Community service is an important part of Jan's life.  With her son,
Cooper, they have taken Santa Pet Pictures for the Furry Friends
Food Drive in Sisters every December for the last 6 years, coordinated
and demonstrated agility, rally-obedience and treibball at the Sisters
Dog Days of Summer Event, and has fostered many pregnant dogs
and their pups.

Jan will be teaching Puppy Life Skills, an ongoing open enrollment
puppy kindergarten and socialization program as well as Obedience
for Agility.  She has also brought the new sport of ball herding or
treibball to Desert Sage.  

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