Desert Sage’s Canine Care Homework for Obedience for Agility Class

Before week 1:
Collect your training necessities:
    Something to hold easily accessible treats, toys, and leash
    Home depot had $1 aprons
    A variety of moist food treats that your dog will work hard to get (no crumbles)
    Shoes that provide traction
    Snug collar and six foot leash

The rest of this we will be working on in classes but if you want you can try it at home!

Get comfortable working with your dog on your right.  Your dog may find it difficult too at first.

Get used to expecting to communicate with your dog without using their name.  This may be
very hard for both of you and may require you to START to reteach all of your commands-
especially come.  We will be working recalls in classes.

Get used to giving strong praise with and without other rewards.

Give up conveying disappointment and/or displeasure when dog doesn’t respond the way
you want.  They are trying!!!

Evaluate your dog’s weight, health, physical structure, and turning preference (are they a
“rightie or a leftie.”

Evaluate ways (food, controllable toys, physical contact, and games) to motivation and
congratulate your dog.  Cultivate their use in class.

Teach your dog to go to a target.  Work up to ten feet with mild distractions and 20 feet with
no distractions.  More on this in classes.

Review and start to extend response and enthusiasm (speed) to commands:
  Sit from a stand, walk, run, and down.
  Down from a stand, walk, run and sit. (Please hold off on the down- we will teach you a
  FAST down in class.)
  Come  to your “center” so you can praise him and collect him
  Stay in sit, down, and stand

Start teaching your dog to accept being tethered (tied up on the fence for class work)

Cultivate dog’s response to “come” without distractions, with mild distractions.  Teach him to
LOVE the work and the word.