Desert Sage Agility and Canine Care is committed to our clients. We want what is best
for your dog and your family.  Our positive only training philosophy creates dogs that
love their work, dogs that are focused and that have drive.  Please read a few of our

We are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  Instructors at Desert Sage
are teachers of both dogs and humans.  We are constantly increasing our own
education by attending dog training seminars and professional development
workshops.  Local veterinarians refer clients to us but most clients come here by word
of mouth.

Our facility currently has three fenced training areas.  One for puppy classes and off
leash work, another for beginning agility and obedience classes, and also a larger
advanced level agility field. We have a new indoor training arena 80 x 144 feet that is
covered and will facilitate winter classes and training. The footing in our arenas is a
native sand and dirt combination and is excellent for training on. One is grass.

Desert Sage Agility and Canine Care offers CLASSES in agility from beginning to
masters level, as well as obedience, rally-o, and puppy classes.  Check our listings to
see other offerings including one-day seminars.  Seminars and workshops are a great
way to put some extra excitement into your training.  Private lessons with any of our
instructors is another possibility.

STEPHANIE MORRIS  is the head instructor and owner of Desert Sage Agility.  BETH
DOLLAR,  JULIA HOLBERT  KRISTIN WOLTER, and Kristen Torkelson also spice
things up with their classes.   Our instructors have diverse backgrounds.  Click on their
names to learn more about them.

Desert Sage Agility believes that a healthy dog is a happy dog.  Stephanie is a licensed
canine massage technician who can do body work on your dog, which helps to increase
circulation to the muscles and help detect areas of tightness or soreness in your pet or
athlete.  Massage is a great way to learn more about your dog's structure.  It can also
help with relaxation.

To ensure our canine companions have great nutrition, we sell DOG LOVERS GOLD
and PULSAR brand dog foods, SEA PET MSN and glucosamine and shark cartilage,
SEA PET Kelp and SEA PET Fish Oil.  Please visit the
Products page.

At Desert Sage Agility we teach the Greg Derrett system to give our canines clear and
concise course information.  This facilitates clean, fast course work.  We also employ
many of Susan Garrett's training methods.  This creates dogs that learn quickly, have
self control and drive.
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